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Mattias "Mau" Lundell

Hi! My name is Mattias Lundell, although I’m more commonly known as Mau. My journey in Game Design started in high school and has led to me having studied the field for 4 years.

My strongest feature is my affinity to quickly learn new things like programs and games and I am very good at adapting to new environments.

I play a lot of games in my spare time (like Pokémon, Minecraft, League of Legends, and a lot more). But in addition to my gaming passion, I have an interest in Anime and Manga, pictures of cute cats, exercise running and I've also played Football (Soccer if you will) for 12 years.

Every Game Project I've made

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Currently looking for work

I had the pleasure to work with the amazing people at Gro Play to create the LasseMaja Detektivbyrå game.

But seeing as the project has been released I now find myself looking for new opportunities. Feel free to contact me if you have an opportunity that might fit!